A Brief on Hakel  

The Lebanese village Haqel (meaning “field”) lies in the highlands of the district of Jbeil ( Byblos ), 650 meters above sea level and 57 Km away from Beirut . Its population consists of 400 people, most of whom work and live in the city during the winter, and go back to their hometown to spend the summer vacation. A road, lined by village houses on both sides, crosses the welcoming and clean Haqel. view map

Hakel(the origin of the name)  

The origin of the name Haqel is Aramaic meaning “field” in English and referred to as H â qel in Syriac. The origin of the root “Khalq” is paralleled in Arabic with “Halq” meaning piece or share. A piece of land was later referred to as “Haqel”. The village is reached via Jbeil Road , going through Amchit, Hbelin, and Obaidat.

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